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Rosie Lomberg Art

Original artwork, prints and cards by Stroud based freelance artist Rosie Lomberg 

I've started a range of small pieces 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm) to work on for just a few minutes (what ever I can snatch around looking after my lovely girl) a day and they are progressing nicely. So far I have two slightly more abstracted 'landscapes' and three 'Berries' underway... It's proving to be the best way to work and they will each be a neat affordable original piece once finished.

Berries Piece:

An Autumnal Grasses piece:

Moonlit teasels:


Following a successful, if not a little short, exhibition this month, and will a little 'help' from my new studio assistant I've managed to start some new paintings. Three to be precise- all inspired by Autumn in both their subjects and colouring. Now to you (and me in all honestly) they might just look like coloured boards so far, but the idea is there and each image already forming within each surface.

I have two square boards telling tales of autumnal walks amongst wild grasses and the beauty of bright red berries amongst the last few fading leaves. The last is a circular board, originally planned to be a green and purple teasels, but as is so often the case when a painting evolves, the plan has changed to focus on layers in sunset colours - watch this space! 

EXCITING NEWS!! Following the fun of my first exhibition of this year, I've been encouraged to join the artists of Arcade Artisans in the Brewery - Cheltenham - for 5 weeks Starting 23rd November. I will have my Cards, framed and unframed Prints and Originals in the shop from this date.

'Woodland Ferns'                  Acrylic on Canvas Nov 2015

Above is a section from the only painting I have attempted this year- a very late gift for a dear friend, so not for sale, but working with a new style I started playing with at the end of last year (for the 'Artist's Muse' exhibition) - Unusually for me this is on Canvas, layered in a similar way to my other work (using water to take off sections in each layer) but i'm really enjoying working in this way, particularly for my beloved woodlands.. this is a process I will continue to explore following my return to the studio later this month.

September 2015

Following the birth of my darling daughter in January this year, I'm afraid the studio has been somewhat abandoned, but I am due to start working in it again this month (as soon as I work out how to with child that doesn't sleep and is teething to boot!) and I have a few pieces lined up that are paintings or just ideas that I started playing with last November (BB - before baby)

Below is a gorgeous Yellow Ochre piece that I'm aiming to finish in time for the 'Little shop of Wonders' exhibition in November. It's full of fun seasonal seed-heads, grasses and autumnal tones just waiting to be pulled out in the next few layers. This is the first painting I plan to work on, as well as the work on canvas (above) and a new (new/old) idea that I first played with on my degree course and now wish to re-visit as a way of further layering a piece - this space..


November / December

I've been working on commissions and new pieces this last month, largely leaning towards the cooler winter blues and purples. This is my favorite season and even if i'm painting from the summers inspiration, i'm drawn to these cooler colours...

In other news: Excitingly, our baby daughter is due at the end of the year, so I'll be taking it easy for the next few months, focusing on selling online, whilst building up new work for projects later in 2015.

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Above: Snakes head Fritillaries commission in various stages, from initial sketches to completed painting. Order books are now closed for 2014, but do email me if you have a painting in mind for 2015, please contact me to discuss ideas (useful starters are preferred size, subject and colour-ways)

September / October 2014:

I am currently working on some new work for this exciting, upcoming exhibition at the Gardens Gallery, Montpelier Gardens, Cheltenham.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the chance to play, and work again with the sorts of colour and mark making that first captured my interest in painting. I'm hoping to have several new and larger pieces on show here, and below are some images of the creative processes being explored this month...


Mad exhibition Frenzy time, as I get all my prints, cards, originals and cushions ready for this wonderful week long exhibition in the picturesque Cotswold Village of Lower Slaughter. I've also stared working with my own paint / printing samples and PhotoShop to extend my textile range...

May 2014

This has largely been a month of commissions - A 'Travelers Joy' triptych, and boy is it good to work on a bigger scale again! And a personalised painting commission. I do take on commissions, particularly if the request is on a variation of a subject that fascinates me - wild flowers, woodlands and seed-heads..   

April 2014. This month i have been letting myself play with Fabric patterns again....

March 2014:

I have just moved and now have a studio space to work in! What a difference it has made to 1) have space to see all my paints and boards and 2) have a wild and overgrown garden to inspire me...

I've now around 17 small round paintings ranging from 7.5 cm to 20cm in diameter. All of these will be listed in my Etsy shop, and available from the Market on the Promenade 15th March.

This next week (starting 10th) I will be working on some larger pieces, back to squares and larger rectangles & a more open, abstracted approach...

February 2014:

Filling up my online shop with new mini paintings(the smallest -'Firey Hawkweed' pictured here is 7.5cm!)My plan this year is to get a series of ranges ready for markets, shops and exhibitions, and this month its Markets & E-shops I'm working on having my first Stall in March (Click here to see more info)

January 2014 - Taking a leap! I am planning to take time off from work to develop my painting range and style.

I'll be working on 3 ranges or paintings. Smaller circular paintings for markets and exhibitions in places like Lower Slaughter (where most visitors are walking through), work for prints & cards to develop those ranges, and finally and most excitingly some larger abstract work, reminiscent of landscapes...

New work- on thinking about what a could do for my first ever market stall on 30th November, and I started working on some much smaller, circular pieces. With the season, I was envisaging them in a range of sizes, almost as baubles, from 10cm to 17.50 cm wide, these have proved to be great fun to work on and i will be doing more....

November 2013

First steps of a painting of bright orange berries, from photographs taken in Sandford Park, Cheltenham. Thinking zingy green, oranges, perhaps pinks... 

September/ October 2013:

All the Blues, working on paintings of delphiniums and Snakes Head Fritillaries.

The Delphiniums were on a walk to the exhibition space in Lower Slaughter this summer. They were a deep, dark purple, so i am filling in the colours around the flowers first before working on giving the flowers the strength of colour. 

The fritillaries are a beautiful delicate plant that i have painted before, but lost the photographs so only had an image good enough for cards. Following several requests I've been working on this one for prints...

August 2013

This month, the plan is to play with painting on canvas, and then working into it with mono printing and stitching. I've prepared 3 canvases and now to start working into them...

April 2013

I have 2-3 exhibitions coming up in June, so I'm trying to build up my print stock as much as possible now and then spend May painting for the exhibitions.

I've just sent 2 to the printers, one with text ('Smile dear..') and one with a plant (Chinese Lanterns) that made a popular card when i first started out, but needed updating.

The 'Lanterns' have mono-printed detail and I've tried to really go for a strong contrast, thinking of trying to make a strong card design. 

Then, in reaction to these strong contrast paintings, I sat down in the new shop (By Local has moved again!) and painted this:

March 2013

As well as working on originals for prints such as this 'Winter Seed-heads' and 'Love Grows'

I've also been playing with a larger piece, working purely from instinctive mark making, form shaping and use of colour.....

I've been working on some more slightly soppy (but heartwarming) mirror surrounds. This 'Smile dear..'shows how the colours and forms grow and develop. Its like doodling when you're on the phone, you start of with a small set of shapes & then suddenly your page is full and looks little like the first few marks you made...

February 2013

Valentines is approaching, and though this addition of text into my paintings is a new thing, it's going down well in By Local so I'm trying a few more of the mirror frames and then perhaps a painting which can be made into cards. The idea of wanting to tell someone they are loves seems to have struck a cord and i know its more important than any material object to me.

January 2013

New year new shop! (By Local had moved) and more of a chance to paint... so

In progress now are a Campanula Muralis (blue/purple flowers yet to be painted in)

and something a little different...

and then something even more different...

Painted mirror surrounds, and getting in

the spirit of Valentines next month, I

thought to myself "why would you give

someone a mirror as a gift?" and then i

thought, how lovely it would be if the

mirror gave you a heartwarming message

every time you looked at it :-) so a

little soppy, but worth a go i think....

December 2012

Running the shop means its hard to paint at the busiest retail times of the year, but i'm managing a couple. Ivy is something i've attempted a few times but struggled to paint in a way i'm fully happy with. I love the flowers (that look like seedheads) and the depth of colour in the leaves 

And a commission:

Alliums in blue.

November 2012

The Rose Hip painting of last month inspired me to try and get a couple more card designs in print before Christmas, and with a festive but not overly Christmasy feel (no Holly!) so Mistletoe and Rose Hips (with the red and green if the hips & foliage) are underway to appear soon in By Local as prints and cards....

October 2012

Its all about the green this month. after saying ''I have too many green paintings up, i should do some other colours...'' then i painted these! They are both inspired by plants in one part of Sandford Park in Cheltenham. The Rose Hips spill out from one corner, thick with bright green leaves and fresh orange/red hips. The Fennel is from a planted vegetable garden area that is now going to seed. I used mono-printing to suggest its delicate feathery leaves.