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Rosie Lomberg Art

Original artwork, prints and cards by Stroud based freelance artist Rosie Lomberg 

I was born and brought up in Stroud, Gloucestershire. I usually don't feel the need to say much more to explain the person I am today...

I grew up in the countryside and have remained fascinated by the plants and undergrowth of the kerb-sides, fields and woodlands. I studied Art and Business Studies at A-Level, determined to try and be a practical creative person, and completed my Fine Art degree in 2009 finishing with First.

The eyes are an extension of the brain and in painting to show you how they see, an artist also reveals how they think. This makes the process as much an exploration of themselves as of the subject matter and in a way I have grown to see my works as self-portraits.

My most recent work is concerned with the sculptural forms of the plants that inhabit our kerbsides and pavements, and the interweaving patterns of plants allowed to take over an unused space. My work aims to give focus to these plants and in appreciation for nature's ability to grow and be beautiful, even against the harshest concrete backdrop. Every time I see a plant breaking through the paving slabs of a built up area it makes me smile and feel oddly reassured. The local landscape is of great significance to my work as, recorded within the walks on hills and in valleys, are the memories of every stage of my life to date. 

Rosie Lomberg - Stroud based free lance artist.